Paul Hollman

Composer, Producer, Recording Engineer

Paul discovered music and sound production as a member of Cleveland Lounge – a San Francisco based Acid-Jazz group whose style melded jazz and 70’s soul with dance loops and hip-hop beats. While signed to Moonshine Records in the mid-nineties, Paul and his band-mates built a recording studio in which to arrange, engineer and self-produce their CD, Full Cleveland. It was at this time that new technologies–digital audio, sampling and Pro Tools–were transforming the way music and audio was conceived recorded and manipulated.

While making the circuit as a piano player for hire–gigs ranging from cocktail jazz to 70s cover bands– Paul began composing music for TV and radio commercials. As a multi-instrumentalist with a degree in Music Theory from Brown University, musical versatility and studio know-how offered Paul the ability to wear many hats creatively and technically . He was ultimately hired on by Hollywood based Artists & Media as in-house writer and producer– developing rock bands, R & B artists and singer-songwriters. Soon after, Paul formed Soulshine Music, a media company offering clients music and production services as well as post-production audio services.

Paul’s studio, The Dubroom, is located in West Hollywood on the famed Sunset Strip. Highly comfortable, professional and intimate, the studio is a favorite creative work environment for musicians, voice-actors, directors and producers.

Clients Include...